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The organisation of events and conferences has been our passion for more than 15 years. We support you in all phases of planning, implementation and follow-up of events – flexibly, dependably and above all with short response times. Learn more about our service offer on this page.

Project support

LambdaLogic offers a broad spectrum of services around its Regasus event software. This includes the development and support of conference and registration networks, rental of network equipment, design and production of name tags as well as the individual programming of online forms and event portals.

Starting with participant management and complex event coordination through to hotel booking and billing – we accompany your event from planning to ex-post success monitoring.


Our event software adapts flexibly to your requirements and supports you in every phase of your project. In particular on the days of your event, you have the possibility to book further on-site services which we are happy to take care of. Learn more about a selection of our on-site services by clicking on the corresponding offer.


  • electronic registration form for participants
  • Participants register independently, pay by credit card and print their badge


  • Allow participants to print their badge themselves when they arrive at the site with regasus®self-check-in. All that they need to do this is to scan the barcode that they have received in advance by e-mail at a regasus®self-check-in terminal. A print-out is not necessary for this, since the barcode can also be scanned directly from the screen of a smartphone.

Certificate Print

  • With regasus®certificate-print, participants can print their certificate autonomously at the site by scanning the barcode on their badge. Whether, when, how many and what types of certificate are issued is determined by rules and templates which you have previously defined in Regasus®.
  • At the same time when printing the certificate the presence of the participant is logged.


  • With regasus®onsite-server, you are independent of Internet at the site because you have all data necessary for implementation of your event there. In this way, you ensure the greatest possible reliability, irrespective of whether Internet is available at your event site.


  • regasus®entrance-control allows you to verify authorisations for access to the event site and to individual programme points and/or spaces. The preconditions are badges with barcodes and special hardware to scan them.
    regasus®entrance-control takes the decision as to whether access is granted or denied on the basis of rules which you can establish for each individual programme point. For instance, these may stipulate that only participants who have booked and paid for the programme point in question will be granted access.

Event App

Choose from the broad palette of components in order to design the perfect mobile app for your meeting or your event.


  • badge functions as an electronic business card
  • electronic registration of contact data, e.g. for exhibitors

Material issue

  • display of materials to be issued as a function of participant type and booked programme points
  • registration of materials issued (conference bags, documentation, etc.)
  • evaluation of materials issued (statistics)

CME points / EIV-FoBi

  • registration of CME points for medical conferences
  • electronic transmission of participant lists via EIV-FoBi to the competent medical boards
  • any degree of strict control through to registration of actual presence down to the last second

General services

  • setup and support of computer and network technology at the event site
  • production of badges
  • rental of equipment (e.g. computer, network technology, printer, WiFi, Bluetooth)


Conferences are held in constantly changing exhibition or event spaces. Which makes it all the more important to have a partner who reacts flexibly to changing circumstances. LambdaLogic organises all technical processes for you on site – starting with installation of the registration counter through to entrance control.

Through our on-site service, we constantly expand our knowledge about the requirements of our clients. Our developers use this knowledge to improve and extend our software on an on-going basis. We always provide our clients with individual support. Ask us. We always find a solution.

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