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– The effective software solution for the many tasks associated with the organisation of your conferences and events.


The organisation of events and conferences has been our passion for more than 15 years. We have specialised in the programming of a high-performance electronic organisation system (Regasus) which supports all phases of the planning, implementation and follow-up of events flexibly, dependably and – above all – securely.

Our corporate mission is set out clearly: we develop and continuously expand an individual sector-specific software package which helps our clients to streamline the effort needed to organise events and conferences – starting with participant management and complex event coordination through to hotel booking and billing. With our software Regasus, we offer you event management at the very highest level – not only today but into the future.

With Regasus, you opt for a modern and high-performance software package which makes it easier for you to plan and organise quality events and conferences. Regasus is continuously improved by our development team. We constantly integrate the latest technical developments as well as our clients’ wishes in order to offer you the best possible service. Regasus is designed around modules. As a result, our software fits in flexibly with your requirements and supports you in every phase of your project with the appropriate modules. You are in a position to organise your event completely and professionally just using our base module regasus®event. And you benefit from numerous advantages which freely accessible event tools do not offer you. We are pleased that you are interested in our service offer. Learn more about LambdaLogic and Regasus on the following pages.

This is what our clients say:

  • “Regasus is straightforward, flexible and cost-effective – it offers all necessary functionalities, is user-friendly, is easily adjustable and evolves with our requirements.”

  • “The tool simplifies and automates all processes ahead of, during and after implementation of our events. Stable and proven technologies that have been refined over the years optimise our day-to-day planning and immediately enable us to work more efficiently and cost-effectively.”

  • “For us as professionals in the field of event and conference management, Regasus has now become indispensable.”

  • “We use the technical edge that the developers of Regasus give us to maintain our competitive advantage and stay one step ahead of our competitors.”

Your advantages with Regasus

The main focus of regasus®event is on participants who are to be organised in events. Once an event has been prepared with all relevant data such as participant types, programme points and hotel contingents, registration of participants is rapid and uncomplicated. Participants can be either recorded individually with Regasus client or imported from files (e.g. OpenDocument, MS-Excel, CVS). In this context, regasus®event will automatically signal potential duplicates. Clearly, there is also the possibility for participants to register themselves via regasus®online. regasus®event offers a large number of fields for all the information which you need from participants. In order not to lose an overview, all fields and functions which you do not need in an event can be hidden. If necessary fields are missing, you have the possibility to add them as so-called custom fields, e.g. for text or numbers.

Comfort and control

With Regasus control remains completely in your hands – from the invitation through to ex-post evaluation. Clearly structured and intuitive operation of the software allows you to organise a new event in just a few steps. You can manage repeat and parallel events more simply than ever with Regasus.


Regasus helps you to increase efficiency and cut costs by streamlining and optimising your processes. For instance, Regasus enables your participants to work for you – e.g. in the areas of registration or administration of hotel contingents. At the same time, the incidence of errors is reduced and data quality is improved. The software bundles complex steps and helps to avoid organisational errors. That saves time and effort.


Regasus can be configured fully in line with your wishes and requirements – and can be extended with additional modules at any time. Individual adaptation to your needs is also possible. In this way, you are equipped for all eventualities with Regasus.


With our clearly structured and easy-to-operate user interface, you always have an overview of all important information. By way of example, you have access to customised and reliable reporting on up-to-date evaluation of event data at the touch of a button – from the number of participants through to costs.


Thanks to the modular software, with Regasus you only pay for what you actually use (pay-per-use). Self-evidently, one-off purchase of licences is also possible.

Professional image

By using the latest technologies, you demonstrate your professionalism, meet the exacting standards of your clients and strengthen your market position.

Data security

We work exclusively with certified server parks. These data centres have been awarded the TÜV certificate BS-7799 for excellent IT security, data protection and availability. By using several data centres, we can switch systems in the event of unforeseeable incidents and thus guarantee reliable availability. Our online forms can be provided with SSL certificates if so required. For protection of the form pages, we take into account all security criteria and aspects of your data. Similarly, web pages can be protected with individual passwords. Only those persons who know such a password have access to registration. The applications time sessions, which means that the session is automatically terminated after a defined period of inactivity.

High performance and innovation

Flexibility thanks to modules

Regasus is designed around modules. As a result, our software fits in flexibly with your requirements and supports you in every phase of your project. It is built on the two base modules regasus®event and regasus®profile. Both can be used alone and independently of each other. Nevertheless, using them in combination offers numerous advantages.

Alongside these two base modules, there are very many additional modules which cannot be used on their own. They extend the functionality of the base modules. Particular mention can be made of regasus®hotel and regasus®invoice as add-ons to regasus®event.

Communication and Programme Management

Communication with individual participants can be extensive. regasus®event supports you in this respect by allowing you to structure the way telephone calls, e-mails, faxes and so on are documented. In addition, you can upload documents such as study certificates or membership cards to participants.

A further important component of communication management in regasus®event is sending template-based e-mails. For instance, this can be used to send personalised invitations to participants which you have previously selected with detailed participant search filters. You can draw attention to important information via this news service and widen your network.

Invoices and notifications about bookings can also be sent rapidly and efficiently in this way. Self-evidently, also automatically following a successful booking via the online form.

The term “programme points” describes all options of an event which participants can book or select. These include the registration fee for an event, registration for seminars and the complete social programme. The price is oriented on the participant type. For example, members pay less than non-members whereas invited speakers can participate free of charge. Furthermore, prices can be differentiated by timing, for instance in order to give early bookers a discount.

If only limited capacities are available for a programme point (e.g. number of seats in a seminar room) or if you would like to limit the number of discounted bookings (e.g. for a student discount), you can define this in the master data and Regasus will ensure that this is never exceeded and, if you so wish, can warn you when a programme point is close to full capacity

Even stronger together

regasus®profile and regasus®event

The full potential of regasus®profile unfolds if it is deployed in combination with regasus®event. Thus, profiles can be created on the basis of participant data and vice versa.

Profiles and participants are linked to each other and are reciprocally synchronised until the end of the event. This makes it possible to establish which events and programme points a participant has attended over the years via the profile.

As a stand-alone CRM module, regasus®profile forms the basis of a structured client administration system. It enables the administration of profiles in which a person’s or a participant’s basic data can be stored.

regasus®profile is also a base module and can be used independently of regasus®event.

  • sophisticated address administration with correct creation of address labels for more than 90 countries

  • custom fields with defined data types such as text, date/time, number, yes/no, value list

  • categorisation of profiles using profile roles

  • sending template-based e-mails, e.g. for invitations

  • correspondence filing system for communication with profiles

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